Ian Crawford has a degree in Marketing and Engineering.  He has been teaching and conducting marketing research for over 30 years.  He has worked in 26 countries and worked for the World Bank, FAO (UN), UNDP (UN), GTZ, Swiss Development Agency, DenAid, and British Council.

Ian has been a Faculty member and has acted as a curriculum advisor to Universities in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.  He has held External Examiner appointments in the Universities of Portsmouth and Bulawayo.

He is author of two books published by the United Nations which are widely used throughout the developing world as well as many Eastern European countries.  These are:

Marketing Research and Information Systems, (1999), Rome, United Nations, ISBN 92-851-1005-7
Agricultural and Food Marketing Management, (1999), Rome, United Nations, ISBN 92-851-1003-7

He has also published articles on factor analysis, means-end theory and laddering and the case research method.

In addition to overseas work he has been a marketing consultant to a number of UK companies and organisations including: The Advertising Association, Bosch, DPP Publishing, Dunlop, International Coffee Organisation, Eurotec Precision, Heineken, Jordan's Cereals, London Ambulance Service, Lubrizol, Massey Ferguson, Mendip Foods, Mintel, Novartis, Oxfam Trading, Readers Digest, RSPB, Thomas Cook, Tetrapak and Unilever.

In addition to his ongoing consultancy work, Ian is Visiting Fellow to Cranfield University's School of Management and teaches both qualitative and quantitative research methods on three of the School's MSc Programmes.

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